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The Theatre of Shadows – Book 2

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The Theatre of Shadows

The adventures of Drs. Marcus Fox & Elizabeth Reid continue…

In the two centuries since the fall of the deities, only a score of city-states have risen from the ashes of their destruction. Foremost amongst them is Vasini — a city divided by politics, class, and philosophies. A city with a threat in every shadow.

Six months have passed since the events of The Silver Mask. Over the winter months, Vasini was plagued by Gareth Miller, the Winter Fayre Killer, who murdered 17 people before he was captured by Lieutenant David Locke. The city now waits for Miller to be hanged. But when Miller escapes gaol, ready to terrorise Vasini’s streets once more, Locke must hunt the murderer again to stop him from claiming more lives.

As Miller flees into Vasini’s streets, Joseph Bastin, ambassador to Vasini for the city-state of Laège, is assassinated in a brothel. With the threat of political repercussions for the death, it is up to Dr. Marcus Fox, newly appointed Commandant of Police, to find the ambassador’s killer.

Fox’s investigation soon leads to a suspect, someone who has been investigating links between the Laège embassy and the worship of the dead deities – his ally, Dr. Elizabeth Reid.

Now, Elizabeth and her friend, Catherine, must act quickly to clear her name before she is found by someone who doesn’t believe her claims of innocence and she’s forced to dance the hangman’s jig.

But these events are only a prelude for what is to come.

The stage is set. The actors are in position. The play can begin.

The Theatre of Shadows is the second part of The Vasini Chronicles, a series of flintlock-and-alchemy fantasy novels set in the city-state of Vasini.

The Silver Mask – Book 1


A well-written flintlock and alchemy fantasy novel infused with a healthy dose of social pomp and political intrigue Fantasy Book Review.

I should’ve read this ages ago! The Silver Mask is engaging right from the start, throwing us into a story full of falling stars, murder, hidden cults and political intrigue Books to Combat the Rain.

His crafting of Vasini is stellar…The plot is fast moving, engaging, and completely addictive. – Book Odyssey.

A thoroughly entertaining read…with an interesting history and magic systems – Paper Plane Book Reviews.

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The Silver Mask (The Vasini Chronicles #1)

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The gods and goddesses are dead, killed two hundred years ago.
With their destruction the moon split apart, the sun dwindled and the land was devastated. Civilisation has re-emerged from the carnage, but twisted creatures still prowl the savage Wildlands between the city-states.

In the skies above the city of Vasini, a falling star, a fragment of the dead moon goddess Serindra, heads to earth. In the Palace district, Dame Vittoria Emerson, darling of the city, has been found dead, lying amongst her own vomit.

As Captain Marcus Fox of the Inspectorate hunts the killer, Dr. Elizabeth Reid searches for the remnants of Serindra determined to make sure the poisonous quicksilver it contains is not used. With Vittoria’s death threatening to draw the city’s political elite into a war of assassins, Fox and Reid must rush to expose the secrets that lie within Vasini before they tear the city-state apart.


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The Setting

Inside Vasini

On the Oppression of Man – An extract from a long essay attacking the continued influence of the deities and priesthood on humanity.

The Founding Laws – The laws set in place upon the re-founding of Vasini after the fall of the deities.

The Government – Vasini is ruled by seven elected officials, which are scrutinised by seven elected médiateurs.

Laège – Although some small towns and villages have managed to eek out an existence amongst the devastation of the fall of the deities, only 20 true city-states have risen from the ashes. Vasini’s closest neighbour of note is the smaller city-state of Laège.

The New Philosophies – Since the fall of the deities, the city-states have seen a proliferation of new philosophies trying to make sense of the world without the use of religious doctrine.

Rasah – Before the fall of the deities, Rasah was the goddess associated with obligations, promises and contracts.

Crytha – Crytha was the goddess associated with air, whispers and rumours.