Almost there

The Silver Mask proof copyI received the proof of The Silver Mask paperback today.

It’s an apt description ‘proof’.

For something that has been, until now, thoughts in my head and text on a screen (or, at most, a print out) – and, therefore, infinitely changeable, malleable – it is now a very real, solid thing. The proof copy is evidence that The Silver Mask actually exists in a permanent and real form now. And, oddly, I don’t seem to be too scared of that.

Let’s see what happens when it’s out in the world and other people can touch it though. Maybe the fear will kick in then.

Until then, I’m just going to enjoy the fact that, to quote the end of every X-Files episode, “I made this”.

What’s behind the cover?

Last week was the front cover. This week is the text from the back of the book (with some revelations of what The Silver Mask is actually about).


The Silver Mask
Book One of
The Vasini Chronicles

The gods and goddesses are dead, killed two hundred years ago. With their destruction the moon split apart, the sun dwindled and the land was devastated. Civilisation has re-emerged from the carnage, but twisted creatures still prowl the savage Wildlands between the city-states.

In the skies above the city of Vasini, a falling star, a fragment of the dead moon goddess Serindra, heads to earth. In the Palace district, Dame Vittoria Emerson, darling of the city, has been found dead, lying amongst her own vomit.

As Captain Marcus Fox of the Inspectorate hunts the killer, Dr. Elizabeth Reid searches for the remnants of Serindra determined to make sure the poisonous quicksilver it contains is not used. With Vittoria’s death threatening to draw the city’s political elite into a war of assassins, Fox and Reid must rush to expose the secrets that lie within Vasini before they tear the city-state apart.

The Silver Mask is the opening part of The Vasini Chronicles, a series of flintlock-and-alchemy fantasy novels set in the city-state of Vasini.

And here’s how it should look on the physical copy:

The Silver Mask paperback cover


Day Two point Five

So, I suppose I should explain why this website is here.

Having said that, I’m guessing that if you’re here you already know as you likely found the URL at the back of a book.

I am or, more likely by the time you’re reading this, I have published a book: The Silver Mask. I’ll talk about the actual book in a later post.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while and something others would probably have done sooner. But for better or for worse, it will be published soon(ish).