Inside Vasini – Transference

When the deities were destroyed two hundred years ago, it devastated the land. At the same time, twisted beasts began to appear in the wilderness. Though civilisation has re-emerged in the form of city-states and other, smaller, walled enclaves, the Wildlands between these settlements are still the territory of the twisted beasts.

These twisted beasts have inspired the philosophy of Transference, which looks to understand where these creatures came from, discern their nature, and to understand what humanity’s relationship should be with them.

Beasts of the Wildands: Tales From Vasini II is released on 19 January 2022. You can pre-order on Kindle now.

Inside Vasini – The Winter Fayre Killer is captured

There’s just two days until the release of The Theatre of Shadows: The Vasini Chronicles II on 15 July.

Soon you’ll be able to rejoin the adventures of Drs. Marcus Fox and Elizabeth Reid as they investigate the mysteries surrounding the death of Ambassador Joseph Bastin of Laège and the escape of Gareth Miller, the Winter Fayre Killer.

I’ve previously mentioned the murder of Josephine Addams, the Winter Fayre Killer’s first victim, here.

Over the next three months, Gareth Miller would kill a further 16 people across Vasini. At first, the murders were not linked by the city’s inspectorate, with no connections between the victims, with the crimes being committed across multiple districts.

However, when a series of eight murders happened over one week, three of whom were killed in one night, all around the Farrier’s Square and southern Ferrymen’s districts, it became apparent that the bodies — marked by the ferocity of the attacks and the lack of motive — were likely the victims of the same killer.

With the suspicion falling on a single killer, the investigation into the murders was assigned to Lieutenant David Locke of the Palace District Inspectorate, Dr. Marcus Fox’s former sergeant. But the lack of motive and the apparent randomness of the victims meant that there was little evidence to point to a suspect.

Miller was only caught by luck, when the knife he had used in what was to be his final murder, was found with the victim. It was marked with the name of the shambles where Miller worked.

Below is a report from the The Guardian, one of Vasini’s newssheets, that tells of the final capture of Miller. (The newssheets’ interest in the murders was high throughout the investigation and they harassed Locke for more and more information. Much to Locke’s annoyance, they frequently got something wrong in their reporting, the least of which was how to spell his surname.)

You can pre-order The Theatre of Shadows: The Vasini Chronicles II on Kindle here (or try your local Amazon store if you’re outside of the UK).

Inside Vasini – Laège

There’s now a little over a week until the The Theatre of Shadows is out on 15 July. Therefore, it’s time for another insight into the world of Vasini. Or in this case, the world beyond Vasini.

Vasini is one of no more than a score of city-states that have arisen in the 200 hundred years since the devastation wrought by the fall of the deities and the rebellions against the old order of the priests that followed.

Vasini’s closest neighbour of note is Laège, a much smaller city-state located a couple of hundred miles north through the Wildlands. Its current ambassador is Monsieur Joseph Bastin.

Below is an aide memoire on Laège prepared for Philippe Reno, the current Comte de Vasini, by one of his staff.

You can pre-order The Theatre of Shadows: The Vasini Chronicles II on Kindle here (or try your local Amazon store if you’re outside of the UK).

Inside Vasini – Crytha, Goddess of Air, Whispers and Rumours

With the release of The Theatre of Shadows on 15 July, it’s time for another insight into the world of Vasini.

Before the fall of the deities, Crytha was the goddess associated with air, whispers and rumours. As Dr. Ambrose Richards explains in his A Study of the Old Deities to Inform and Protect the Good Citizenship — a book written by the University of Vasini lecturer as a way to make fast money and considered to be mostly a sensationalist midden heap — Crytha was as changeable as the air and rumours of which she was patron.

As well as being the goddess of air, whispers and rumours, legend claims that she created a race of flying people known as the fles. Since the fall, nearly 200 years ago, there has been no evidence that the fles ever existed, other than a few wild claims by a handful of traders who have passed near mountains. Such claims amount to little more than tales of seeing humanoids with bat-like wings spread between their arms and legs, circling the distant mountain peaks.

Inside Vasini – The Winter Fayre killer

As The Theatre of Shadows’s release on 15 July draws closer, I thought it might be worth giving a little more insight into the world of Vasini and what’s been happening since The Silver Mask.

First up, The Winter Fayre killer.

At the end of The Winter Fayre in 195AL, there was the first of a series of murders that would later be attributed to Gareth Miller, labelled by the newssheets due to the location of the first murder, as The Winter Fayre Killer.

Initially thought to be the last of a series of political assassinations that had been sparked by the events in The Silver Mask, it became clear as further, similar murders occurred across that the city that a new, non-politicaly motivated killer, was active in the city.

Below is a report from The Herald, one of Vasini’s daily newssheets, on the first murder.