A few quick notes

A quick note to let you know The Cities Beyond the Signal, my portal fantasy novella, is on sale on Kindle.

UK people – you can pick up a copy for 99p here.

US People – you can pick up a copy for 99c here.

The sale runs until 12 April.

The cover to The Cities Beyond the Signal by Christian Ellingsen.

It shows a grey fog, bound street. Old, style street lamps line one side of the street, a building with a pillared front he other. A figure stands looking at the building. The image is distorted by ripples emanating out from the centre.

In other news

While we’re here, a quick update on the things I’m working on.

Tales From Vasini III is sitting patiently in its virtual draw while I do some tidying up on the first draft of The Vasini Chronicles III.

I’m now about 28,000 words into the first draft of the non-Vasini novella I’ve been writing. It’s looking more and more like this will actually be a short novel than a novella.

A thank you and other things

It’s been a little over two weeks since Beasts of the Wildlands: Tales From Vasini II was released into the wilds. Thank you to any and all who have bought and/or read it. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Should you feel inclined to do so, please do leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Even a handful of words can help.

If you’ve yet to get your copy, you can find it here (please check your local Amazon store if you’re outside the UK).

The Cities Beyond the Signal sale

In other news, my portal fantasy novella, The Cities Beyond the Signal is on sale on Kindle in the UK and US for the next week.

UK people, you can get it for 99p here.

For US people, it’s 99c and can be found here.

What’s next?

With Beasts of the Wildlands sent out into the wilds, my attention is now turning to the other things.

Ahead of BotW’s release, I’d been editing Tales From Vasini III. However, with the next draft of that complete, it’s been put in a virtual draw, and I’m now tidying up the first draft of The Vasini Chronicles III ahead of me actually working on the next draft proper a little way down the line. So, far it’s mostly been focused on giving certain characters actual names instead of [Lawyer] or XX. There’s some other bits to do, like some little structural changes I thought of while I was writing the original draft.

Writing-wise, I’m now about 12,500 words into a non-Vasini novella. I say novella, I’m suspicious that it actually wants to become a short novel.

And that’s the end of that chapter

Last night, I finally reached the end of the first draft of The Vasini Chronicles III. Woo’hoo.

It’s taken some time to get here. A year and a half, I believe (I should really keep a better record of when I start writing a first draft). But after 157,0000 words (some of which will hopefully be good) it’s done.

It will now sit in a virtual draw for a while before I start editing it to try to put some more good words in there and take the less good words out.

Next up is a non-Vasini related novella. But I won’t be starting on that until the New Year. Well, maybe a little bit before then, if I happen to have a spare moment.

Anyway, woo’hoo.

In other news

I’m in the depths of editing Tales From Vasini III. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the condition the novellas are in. They still need work, but its heartening that they are in as good a shape as they are at this point in the process.

Of course that will all be swept away when I next make a pass through them and despair at what I’ve written.

Don’t forget that Beasts of the Wildlands: Tales From Vasini II is out on 19 January 2023. You can pre-order it on Kindle here:








Please check your local Amazon store if your location isn’t listed above.

If you’re on Goodreads you can find details and add it to your To Read list here.

The Theatre of Shadows giveaway

US people,

Nearly a year has passed since The Theatre of Shadows, the second part of the Vasini Chronicles, went out into the world.

To celebrate, I’m running a Goodreads giveaway. You have a chance to win one of 100 Kindle editions.

You can enter here.

You have until 15 July to enter.

And in other news…

The Vasini Chronicles III is still being written. It’s passed the 100,000 word mark and there’s still a few chapters to write until I have a complete draft.

I’m coming to end of working on the latest draft of Beasts of the Wildlands: Tales From Vasini II. This will hopefully mean I can move onto the copy edit, then a bit of proofreading and then it should — if all goes well — be in a position to go out into the world. Many digits crossed for that.

And now it’s 2022

A little late, but Happy New Year, all. I hope 2022 hasn’t already destroyed the spark of hope that can come with the change in year.

So, 2021 happened, and I finally managed to publish The Theatre of Shadows: The Vasini Chronicles II.

On that note:

UK folks, The Theatre of Shadows will be available for £1.99 on Kindle until 12am 20 January GMT – you can find it here.

US folks, it’s currently $2.99 on Kindle until 12am 20 January PST – you can find it here.

So, what’s coming up for me this year?…Who knows. But here’s what I’m currently working on.

I’m 75k words into writing The Vasini Chronicles III, which means I’m hopefully past half way done on the first draft.

Beasts of the Wildlands – Tales From Vasini II – will soon be taken out of the draw for another edit and after that I should know how much work is left before it can go out into the world.

I’ve managed a first edit of Tales From Vasini III, but it will likely be sitting in the virtual draw until Beasts of the Wildlands is close to publication.

As a bit of a break from all the Vasini-related stuff, I’ve also been looking at my supernatural noir that has been sitting in the draw for the past few years. Still like it (very much), still (very much) want to see it published one day, still not quite sure how.

A short pause

Back in August I posted about editing Tales From Vasini II: Beasts of the Wildlands.

I recently finished another draft and this one is now with someone to have a little look at.

While I wait to hear what they think, I’m having a look at Tales From Vasini III – the first time since I finished the first draft.

So, what can I tell you about it apart from it involving some murders around the Vasini docklands (and its working title is Murders in the Docklands)?


  • It’ll consist of three interconnected novellas
  • The current draft is 74,120 words
  • It will tie up a loose end from The Theatre of Shadows

And that’s about all I should tell you for now. After all, there’s a whole Tales From Vasini to come before it.