Inside Vasini

The gods and goddesses are dead, killed two hundred years ago by a secret philosophical group known as the Path of Jonathan. With their destruction the moon split apart, the sun dwindled and the land was devastated.

Civilisation has re-emerged from the carnage, but twisted creatures still prowl the savage Wildlands between the city-states.

Despite being free of the deities and founded on principles of freedom, justice and trade, Vasini, one such city-state, is still divided by politics, class and the philosophies that have arisen to replace the old religions.

On the Oppression of Man – An extract from a long essay attacking the continued influence of the deities and priesthood on humanity.

The Founding Laws – The laws set in place upon the re-founding of Vasini after the fall of the deities.

The Government – Vasini is ruled by seven elected officials, which are scrutinised by seven elected médiateurs.

Laège – Although some small towns and villages have managed to eek out an existence amongst the devastation of the fall of the deities, only 20 true city-states have risen from the ashes. Vasini’s closest neighbour of note is the smaller city-state of Laège.

The New Philosophies – Since the fall of the deities, the city-states have seen a proliferation of new philosophies trying to make sense of the world without the use of religious doctrine.

Rasah – Before the fall of the deities, Rasah was the goddess associated with obligations, promises and contracts.

Crytha – Crytha was the goddess associated with air, whispers and rumours.