Tales From Vasini

Tales From Vasini is a companion series to The Vasini Chronicles novels.

A series of short stories and novellas, Tales from Vasini explores the city-state of Vasini, adventuring through the streets and places outside of the city where Doctors Marcus Fox and Elizabeth Reid don’t go.

Information on the setting of Tales From Vasini and The Vasini Chronicles can be found here.

Beasts of the Wildlands (Book 2)

The second book – Beasts of the Wildlands – is out now on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited and in paperback.

Beasts of the Wildlands (Tales From Vasini #2)

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The deities were destroyed two hundred years ago. The moon split apart, the sun dwindled and the land was devastated. Civilisation has re-emerged from the carnage, but beasts, twisted by the ravages of the dying gods and goddesses, still prowl the savage Wildlands between the city-states.
Each year, as winter turns to spring, twisted beasts drift into the farmlands surrounding the city-state of Vasini, threatening herds and livelihoods. In The Hunters, Addy Blake, an apprentice hunter, is hired with her mistress and master to hunt down a beast that is killing shepherds and destroying flocks of sheep. But, as they hunt the beast, it becomes clear that there is more than simple hunger behind why the creature is there.
Out in the Wildlands, small independent settlements eek out an existence in walled enclaves free from the interference of the city-states. In In the Ruins of the Deities, one such settlement is asked for aid by a visitor from Vasini. It is down to Nate Tyler and his band of hunters to take the visitor on an expedition through the Wildlands to an abandoned estate. But can they survive against the beasts that now claim the land as their territory and why is the visitor so interested in the ruin?Beasts of the Wildlands contains the novellas The Hunters and In the Ruins of the Deities.


A Divided River (Book 1)

The first book – A Divided River –  is available now on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited and in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Blackwell’s, Book Depository and Wordery.

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A Divided River (Tales From Vasini #1)

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Vasini, founded and rebuilt from the ashes left by the fall of the deities. A city-state divided by politics, class, philosophies and by the Sini river.

As the tides turn and the riverbed is exposed, mudlarks search the silt for valuables that have been washed into the Sini. In The Mudlark’s Tale, one mudlark’s find may be worth far more than he first thought, but it comes with consequences.

In the depths of winter the Sini river freezes, and the comte calls the Winter Fayre upon its ice. In The Winter Fayre, five citizens of Vasini find their lives intersecting and changing as they enjoy the festivities. A sergeant of the Palace Regiment watches for trouble amongst visitors to the Fayre. A pickpocket plies her trade. A palace bureaucrat looks to make political connections. A banker hunts for a mysterious young girl. A follower of a philosophical path attempts to make contact with a fellow adherent who may well be dead.

A Divided River contains two stories: The Mudlark’s Tale (a short story); and The Winter Fayre (a novella).


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