A few quick notes

A quick note to let you know The Cities Beyond the Signal, my portal fantasy novella, is on sale on Kindle.

UK people – you can pick up a copy for 99p here.

US People – you can pick up a copy for 99c here.

The sale runs until 12 April.

The cover to The Cities Beyond the Signal by Christian Ellingsen.

It shows a grey fog, bound street. Old, style street lamps line one side of the street, a building with a pillared front he other. A figure stands looking at the building. The image is distorted by ripples emanating out from the centre.

In other news

While we’re here, a quick update on the things I’m working on.

Tales From Vasini III is sitting patiently in its virtual draw while I do some tidying up on the first draft of The Vasini Chronicles III.

I’m now about 28,000 words into the first draft of the non-Vasini novella I’ve been writing. It’s looking more and more like this will actually be a short novel than a novella.

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