A thank you and other things

It’s been a little over two weeks since Beasts of the Wildlands: Tales From Vasini II was released into the wilds. Thank you to any and all who have bought and/or read it. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Should you feel inclined to do so, please do leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Even a handful of words can help.

If you’ve yet to get your copy, you can find it here (please check your local Amazon store if you’re outside the UK).

The Cities Beyond the Signal sale

In other news, my portal fantasy novella, The Cities Beyond the Signal is on sale on Kindle in the UK and US for the next week.

UK people, you can get it for 99p here.

For US people, it’s 99c and can be found here.

What’s next?

With Beasts of the Wildlands sent out into the wilds, my attention is now turning to the other things.

Ahead of BotW’s release, I’d been editing Tales From Vasini III. However, with the next draft of that complete, it’s been put in a virtual draw, and I’m now tidying up the first draft of The Vasini Chronicles III ahead of me actually working on the next draft proper a little way down the line. So, far it’s mostly been focused on giving certain characters actual names instead of [Lawyer] or XX. There’s some other bits to do, like some little structural changes I thought of while I was writing the original draft.

Writing-wise, I’m now about 12,500 words into a non-Vasini novella. I say novella, I’m suspicious that it actually wants to become a short novel.

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