Three things


Apparently it was June the last time I wrote on my blog, and then it was just a quick note on a Goodreads giveaway and two short paragraphs on where I was with writing and editing my works in progress.

This time though, I have a little more news with the promise of more news to come.

The Silver Mask sale

First, to the thing of immediate interest…

US and UK people — you can get The Silver Mask on Kindle for cheap for the next seven days.

UK people, it’s 99p and can be found here.

US people, it’s 99c and can be found here.

It’s a great chance to try out The Vasini Chronicles and find out about the world of Vasini ahead of…

Beasts of the Wildlands: Tales From Vasini II coming soon

The second Tales From Vasini book is finally coming in January 2023.

Beasts of the Wildlands will consist of two novellas — The Hunters and In the Ruins of the Deities.

More details — release date, cover, blurb — will come in the next few weeks.

But, yay! It’s coming and soon.

Looking back through my blog, it looks like I started work on the first of the two novellas back in 2017. So, it’s taken five years to get here.

And then…

Now that Beasts of the Wildlands will soon be out in the world, I’ll be turning my attention to editing Tales From Vasini III. Hopefully there won’t be as a big a gap between Tales From Vasini II and III as there was between A Divided River (Tales From Vasini I – 2017) and Beasts of the Wildlands (Tales From Vasini II – 2023)

Work on the first draft of The Vasini Chronicles III continues. It’s currently around 130,000 words. By my estimate, it will be about 155,000 to 160,000 when the draft is finished so I’m close to the final stretch. But my word count estimates are always wrong, so we’ll see. If all goes well — and fingers crossed it will — I should be done on the first draft by the new year. Fingers crossed.

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