The Silver Mask has been available now for a little over two weeks and, thanks to it, I’ve discovered a brand new displacement activity: checking sales reports.

Now, along with distracting myself with social media, I can check to see whether anyone has bought a copy in the past 30 minutes.

Oddly, despite the new distraction, I seem to be more productive. My daily output of words is up (I’ll have to wait until I start editing them to find out whether they’re good words). I’m putting together the next thing ready for publication (somewhat shorter and a little different to The Vasini Chronicles) – more on that in a few weeks. And I’m editing the first draft of something that took a very long time to write – more on that at some distant point in the future.

I think – I guess – a lot of it is down to having published The Silver Mask and now having a clearer set of targets to drive me forward towards the next thing to publish and then the next.

Of course, productivity tends to go in cycles, so I may find myself slowing down over the coming weeks, but, for now, it’s all steam ahead.

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