Sunday night insomnia

Well, I’ve managed to make a week without running away.

There’s still a while to go before blogging and maintaining the website becomes habitual. I have a vague memory of hearing a fact that it takes six weeks for people to settle into a new routine and for things to become normal, everyday habits. If the fact is true, and not something my mind is just conjuring up while I sit in the late-night dark writing this, then come 15 August this will be just a usual part of my day.

Of course, by then, I should (will hopefully) have published The Silver Mask and, once that’s published, there’s no running away. It will be out there, and I will have committed myself to going forward on whatever path it creates for me (most likely one that is very similar to my existing one, but with a blog).

I called this post ‘Sunday night insomnia’ as it is Sunday night and, as per normal, I’m still awake and a little restless.

Although I call this…pattern?…of staying up late into the night on a Sunday ‘insomnia’, I’m not sure it is true insomnia. Although people I’ve mentioned it to in the past have suggested that it’s down to anxieties over the working week starting in a matter of hours, I’m unconvinced. It happens regardless of whether I have work or not.

I suspect it has more to do with me being a night owl. During the week, I’m forced to wake earlier than I would, so, by late night, I’m tired enough to sleep. The weekend comes, and I find myself waking up as and when my body wishes. Come Sunday night, my sleep pattern has adjusted to what it would be naturally without the demands of a working week, and so I find myself sitting in the dark, restless and flitting between activities that can be done on my laptop but won’t cause me to become so absorbed that I’ll force myself to carry on with them until complete despite now being tired enough to sleep.

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